Hilbre Johnson, Life Coach
Transform Life Coaching

“Life is too short to be a passenger watching the world go by…”

I have always been passionate about helping women to know their self-worth and to stand up for what they believe in. In essence I help women to be in the driving seat of their life. Over the years I have been very privileged to work with some amazingly brave women and now as I am approaching my 50th year, I feel it is time to give back.

Transform Life Coaching will now be including a mentoring service to help young women navigate their 20’s – from dealing with anxiety and stress around starting their careers, body image and self-confidence, relationships, sexual identity, family issues or changing life situations like moving out and becoming financially independent – it is not easy to do it alone and that is where I come in... [read more]

“My mission is for my clients to gain clarity and leave feeling refocused and energised, ready to embrace whatever life has in store for them.

“I was bowled over by Hilbre's positive energy. The impact she made on me was that change doesn’t have to be scary. She challenged me but in a really positive way... [read more]