“If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right.” – Henry Ford

The Women I Work With

I have been very lucky to work with amazing women over the years and below are some examples (names changed). I am excited to have expanded my services to include mentoring for young women in their 20’s in order to support them during what can often be a very challenging decade.

I tend to attract dynamic women who embrace the coaching/mentoring process and are keen to put in the effort it takes to make the necessary changes in order to have the life they really want.

I believe respect for one another’s time is essential and therefore good time keeping and focus during sessions ensures my clients get the maximum out of their sessions. I am truly dedicated to my clients and give 100% of my focus during sessions.

I make sure I am always prepared and ready to give them whatever support they feel they need during their session as well as in between via email support.

The results are all dependent on how much a client is prepared to put in to their coaching experience. It is like anything in life – the more you put in, the more you will get out. It really is a very exciting process and change doesn’t have to be scary. 

Life Coaching is an exciting journey of self-discovery which requires commitment, hard work and honesty so you can achieve your goals. We all have self-limiting beliefs but coaching will help you to understand them so you can remove their power and enjoy truly being in the driving seat of your life.

Mentoring is a wonderful process of personal development knowing you have the guidance and expertise of someone experienced to help you navigate your 20’s.

Name: Gemma Holmes
Age: 39
Lives: Sevenoaks, Kent
Career: Full time mum

Meet Gemma. She’s married to Simon who she met at University. They’ve always been the couple that their friends admired and wanted to be like – both had successful and rewarding careers in London, great holidays and a good relationship. They’ve been married for 10 years and have two children – Charlie 3 and Hannah 10 months. Both Simon and Gemma were very keen to have children and – don’t get her wrong – Gemma loves her children more than life itself.

However, she’s found herself becoming more and more frustrated since Hannah was born with her increasing lack of identity and time for herself. She feels self-conscious about her looks and is struggling to shift the weight she gained after having Hannah but she lacks the energy and drive to do anything about it. She continually feels on the back foot and like life is slightly overwhelming all the time.

These growing self-esteem issues are starting to affect her relationship with Simon and she constantly makes up excuses to avoid intimacy and is tired of feeling tired all the time. All the while feeling guilty for not being a better wife and mother. Whilst Simon’s life has pretty much fallen back into place, Gemma finds herself missing intellectual stimulation and her old life. She’s getting bored with the endless coffee mornings with other mothers (as lovely as they are) and the endless baby conversations. She feels extremely guilty for even entertaining these thoughts… how bad a mother is she as other mums seem to be so natural and able to cope so much better than she is.

Gemma wouldn’t swap her children and being a mother for anything but it is a lot harder than she thought and she feels she needs more of a balance between who she used to be and who she is now.

Name: Krista Newman
Age: 42
Lives: Greenwich, South East London
Career: Full time mum

Meet Krista. Originating from Melbourne, she’s an Australian living in South East London with her husband of 12 years - Justin. She used to work for a major retail bank in Melbourne and moved to London 9 years ago when Justin was relocated with his company. They saw it as an excellent opportunity for many reasons and before having children Krista had a few different short-term contracts in London. She decided to take a backseat to Justin professionally and focused her energy on raising their children full time, Holly 7 and Scarlett, 4.

She loves living in London and they have certainly made it their home; however, she really misses her support network of family and close friends. She is envious of her friends back home who seem to have more time for themselves with the support of their families. Her days are filled with being a mother, yoga, various short courses and coffee mornings, which she once enjoyed but now she is feeling the need for more meaningful fulfilment in her life and the need to be mentally challenged again.

She needs to find something that is just for ‘her’ but has no idea what this might be. She has spoken to Justin who is supportive of her going back to work in some capacity but she will need to work out what this looks like and how it is going to fit in with being a full time mother.

Name: Sasha Barton
Age: 33
Lives: Shoreditch, East London
Career: Sales Trader, City of London

Meet Sasha. She is your typical A-type personality, has loads of energy and doesn’t do things by half. She works long hours but still finds time to go to the gym and out with friends after work on a regular basis. She loves her job and enjoys the fact she earns good money, which affords her the lifestyle she has become accustomed to of regular travel and having a trendy loft style apartment, which she shares with Steve, her partner of 8 years. They have talked about marriage but never seem to find the time to actually do anything about it.

She moved over from Canada 6 years ago with Steve, who is also in banking. She has never had a burning desire to have children but is starting to feel that she is ‘at that age’ and all her friends seem to be having babies. This has led to a feeling of questioning where she is in life and if being a career women is all she wants or whether she would like to have children but how will she balance being a mother and still having the job she loves?  She is not someone who will throw caution to the wind and see where she ends up. She needs to understand more about how she is feeling and what it would mean if she had to be a mother and a career women as she can’t imagine giving up her financial independence...

Name: Sarah Mahoney
Age: 37
Lives: Sevenoaks, Kent
Career: HR Manager, London

Meet Sarah. She is single and has been for a few years now. She just doesn’t seem to have the energy after a long day at work to go out on dates and meet new people.

She commutes every day from Sevenoaks, where she recently moved back to after a number of years in London. She loves living outside of London as she is a country girl by heart but is starting to feel like she is on that commuting treadmill.

She enjoys her job but doesn’t feel it is her calling in life. She feels that maybe if she was in a different job where she was doing something more meaningful that she would have more energy and time to meet someone. She would like to get married and have children but that seems so out of reach right now. However, she can’t help thinking that there must be more to life than this but she just doesn’t know what.

She feels if she doesn’t take stock of her life now and actively choose a different course, she might still be in this same place in 10 years time!

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