The LIFE Coaching Environment

I have always loved my home and believe that we are our happiest and most productive when the energy is right. I feel I differ from a lot of other coaches in that I place a lot of emphasis on the coaching space and so I ensure I provide a beautiful coaching environment that is light and colourful, tranquil and private as well as professional.

Life Coaching in Kent
Life Coaching in Kent

My Kent location is all about nature, countryside and open space where the only sounds are of nature. My central London location is filled with history but at the same time reflecting the energy of what the modern London is all about. I often make use of the immediate views of the Shard or the river in my coaching sessions as I believe anchoring is a very powerful tool for making changes. It is an iconic building standing tall and making no excuses for its existence, and in many ways this reflects what we are about – stand tall and be proud of who you are.

In the early days I used to coach in coffee shops and rented office space but they never felt totally right. They were either too impersonal or too public.

Clients always comment on the coaching space when they see it for the first time and I can always see the stress disappearing from them as they succumb to the luxury of escaping from their busy worlds into the quiet and relaxing space that I provide.  I have two very different coaching venues but both provide a unique and calming, yet uplifting energy as well as professionalism that I always strive for.